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Product Details

weekly programmable digital Timer AHC15A

weekly programmable digital Timer AHC15A 


Capacity: 16A 220VAC
customized: 12V 24V 110V
Display: LCD 
Programs:16 on/off each day or week
Timer range: 1min~168hrs
Mini interval: 1 mins
Average error: 1s/24h, 25°C
battery black-out: 60 days
Switching contact: 1 NC + 1 NO 
Power consumption 4.5 VA (MAX)
Temp.range: -20°C+50°C
warranty: 2years


Timer setting operation manual

Key Programms
1 Press P  Setting 1 ON time (display 1 on)
2 Press H+/M+ Setting hours and minutes
3 Press D+    

Select same everyday, different everyday, MO-FR, MO-SA, SA-SU, MO WE FR, TU TH SA, MO-WE, TH-SA.(If same everyday, no need to press this key) 

4 Press P  Setting 1 off time (display 1 off)
5 Press H+/M+  Setting hours and minutes turn off time
6 Press D+    Select days. If you want same set in every day, you need not press this key
7 Repeat step 2~6 Set  setting 2~16 ON/OFF time
8 Press clock icon  finish the time setting
9 press MANUAL  change status of "ON, OFF, AUTO ON,AUTO OFF''



LCD digital display;
16 programs ON/OFF;
minum set 1mins;