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 Look ! Our testing for pure sine wave inverter.



  Our P-300 to P-6000,PU-1000 to PU-3000 power inverters are pure sine wave inverter,Which have similar output as city power ,They support well the inductive load appliances.such as motor type, compressors, relays, fluorescent lamps, electric stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, energy saving lamps, pumps, etc. These products’power are far more than the rated power (about 3-7 times) when start. So only pure sine wave inverter is available to them.

      We have professional production team ,each product sold will be strictly tested ,after it testing qualified,then it could be sold to our our clients.We give 18 months warranty for the off grid inverter and 5 years free repair service.We wish every client of Minghong got a booming businss .

2017-12-08 10:35